Founder and Chairman
Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd

Zong Qinghou, founder of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd., is currently the board chairman and general manager of Wahaha Group, and also a well-known Chinese business leader.

Since the starting of business from scratch in 1987, Zong Qinghou successfully created his own brand – Wahaha which quickly became China’s largest beverage company and the most competitive private enterprise. His brand Wahaha won high reputation at home and abroad and Zong Qinghou himself was known as the “master of knit” in the marketing network.

Zong Qinghou is also an entrepreneur who gives high enthusiasm in the social welfare and is more than willing to shoulder social responsibilities, and he is the forerunner of China’s poverty alleviation projects. Wahaha has donated 580 million RMB in education, social welfare and natural disaster relief, and won the honor of China Charity Award.

Zong Qinghou served as the Representative of the Tenth,the Eleventh and Twelfth National People’s Congress; the vice chairman of Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce, the vice chairman of China Beverage Industry Association; Accredited MBA Instructor of Zhejiang University; and so on.