Now in its 20th year, the prestigious Forbes Global CEO Conference will be held this September 26–27, 2022 in Singapore.

This Conference is attended by CEOs, tycoons, entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders to discuss and debate key issues of global concern and to build new partnerships.



The world is looking for a way back to normal. Recovery from the pandemic is underway for much of the globe. Yet markets gyrate on every economic, geopolitical and Covid update, while investors keep a wary eye on inflation and rate hikes. Global tensions escalate between major economic powers, with ripples felt worldwide. Amid all these uncertainties, leading CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors will convene at the 20th Forbes Global CEO Conference to share insights, spotlight opportunities and stake out the way forward.

The New Abnormal

Massive monetary stimulus may have prevented a worst case economic scenario, but it also unleashed a tsunami of liquidity, showing up in premium prices for stocks, property, energy and other commodities. Inflation is at a 40-year high, prompting central banks to move up rates and taper down. Global recovery remains volatile, with recession fears replacing Covid concerns. Global tensions escalate between major economic powers, with ripples felt worldwide. A panel of thought leaders helps to decipher the new abnormal.

The Roaring 2020s?

What goes up must come down. As rates and inflation go up, the rest are recessing. Pools of liquidity are drying up, and in a post-Covid world is it all just fundamentals and value? Does one still follow tips or just invest in TIPS? Crypto, commodities and currencies, which direction will they go? Will the 2020s roar as the 1920s a century before—or are we skipping ahead to 1929? How and where to invest in a world gripped by economic gravity and empty punch bowls?

New Realities in Realty

As the pandemic eases, and home offices become home and offices again, whither property markets? Many if not most sectors are making up lost ground, be it commercial, residential or hospitality. The e-commerce boom is building growth in cloud facilities, logistics and data centers, while the metaverse’s virtual assets offer the prospects of real-world profits. But can the edifice of a rebound withstand the winds of rising rates and possible slowing economic growth? A panel of property leaders will construct well-grounded insights on the new realities in real estate.

Leadership Unmasked

Being in control of the room takes on new meaning when you’re the only one in it, and everyone else is a small square on a screen. Yet your team needs leadership more than ever—stressed by the pandemic, disrupted supply chains, volatile markets and political uncertainty. Adapt, transform and digitalize. What leadership style maximizes the opportunities of an emerging post-Covid era? A brave new world requires brave new leaders.

Innovation to The Rescue

The pandemic has turbocharged massive innovation, accelerating the digitalization trend worldwide. Tech is embedding itself even more deeply into the global economy. A fresh wave of disruption may be just around the corner, powered by entrepreneurs, billions in venture funds, and spurred on by pandemic disruptions. Established businesses need to get ready—or get out of the way. This panel will find ways to do the former and avoid the latter.

New Paradigm for Entrepreneurs

The pandemic tested the entrepreneurial skills of many established business leaders. The best did their best: adapt, pivot and transform. All the classic questions for entrepreneurs remain: How to build big and stay big. How to keep innovating and disrupting your own company—and block emerging threats from rivals or startups. On this panel, established entrepreneurs will discuss strategies on getting it done.

The Midas Touch

Venture capitalists are a driving force of creative destruction, and for their risk can come rewards of 5X, 10X, or more. In a volatile world looking for a way forward, where is the smart money going? Which regions or industries can sire the next unicorns? How does Asia figure in VCs’ plans? And is ESG entering into the investment thesis? What are the big trends—and possible black swans—set to drive investments in coming months? This panel of leading VCs will venture their opinions.

From Zero to Infinity

Forget hockey sticks, how about rocket launches? When disruption happens, it can go at light speed—tiny startups turn into unicorns then decacorns. Get a boost if your sector ends in tech: medtech and fintech. Or starts with e, such as edtech or electric. And apps are apt, and crypto cool. Digital assets can have just as much value—or more—than physical ones. Whatever the idea, once it hits escape velocity, the sky is no limit. Strap in, and hear from these emerging entrepreneurs as they boldly go where none have before.

Next Frontiers for Families

Top business families are facing many challenges. Their core businesses need to be protected from possible disruption, viral and otherwise. At the same time, they must explore the latest opportunities, sometimes outside their comfort zones. Yet family businesses retain strengths scarce elsewhere, such as deep connections, access to capital, flexibility and the ability to have a leadership meeting over a family dinner. This panel will delve into how family businesses are adapting to move onto the next frontier. 

Harvesting Green

Two of the world’s oldest industries—agriculture and food production—are being uprooted by the agtech and food tech revolutions. From the latest startups to the oldest agribusiness giants, all seek to harvest greenbacks and growth from innovations such as plant-based foods and indoor farming. Coupled with technologies such as AI, smart sensors and robotics, a new global era is emerging to feed the world in a more efficient and sustainable manner. This panel will be a fruitful discussion by agtech leaders shaping the future of food.

In Good Company

Businesses need to do good, not just do well. Phrases such as ESG, net zero and sustainability have moved from buzzwords to mainstream concepts. Companies are in a lively debate about their role in protecting the environment, closing the income gap or tackling climate change. Ideas abound, including carbon credits and financial inclusion. This panel will discuss the ways CEOs are rebalancing their ESG, sustainability, stakeholder and shareholder goals in one of the most challenging business environments in a century.

Racing Ahead

With full seasons, live events and fans in seats, the business of sports is firing on all cylinders. Valuations for some of the world’s top sports teams have gone into overdrive. Franchises are using digital and social tools to connect directly with fans, accelerating growth and creating revenue streams. Esports is officially mainstream and its popularity is growing. High profile sponsorship deals are making headlines. Stakeholders across the industry will talk about what’s driving the boom and who will win the race.


Chairman and Editor-in-Chief

Forbes Media

Chairperson and Managing Director

Biocon Ltd

Founding and Managing Partner

Sequoia Capital China

Vice Chairperson, SM Investments Corporation

Chairperson, BDO Unibank, Inc.

Executive Chairman

Alliance Boots

Founder, Jack Ma Foundation,

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Advocate, Partner, Alibaba Group

Chairman and Group CEO


CEO, Charoen Pokphand Group

Chairman of the Executive Committee, True Corporation Plc

President and CEO

Mori Trust Co., Ltd


Pacific Century Group

Cofounder and Partner

B Capital

Executive Vice Chairman, New World Development

Founder, K11

Group Chairman

HSBC Holdings plc

Founder and Chairman

Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd

Group CEO


Executive Director and CEO, HCL Corporation

Trustee, Shiv Nadar Foundation

Chairman and President

International Container Terminal Services, Inc

Chief Executive



Singapore Economic Development Board

Chief Executive Officer International Ltd


Bangkok Bank

Global Chairman

Visy Australia/Pratt Industries USA


CT Corp

Chairman and CEO

Ayala Corporation

Executive Vice Chairman

Alibaba Group

Chief Executive Officer

Singapore Airlines

Senior Chairman

ORIX Corporation


Esquel Group

President and CEO, JoongAng Ilbo and Jmnet

President and CEO, JTBC


Nipsea Holdings International Ltd, Nipsea Pte Ltd

CEO and Director

DBS Group

Vice Chairman


Group Chief Executive Officer

Frasers Property Ltd

Chief Executive Officer

Rosewood Hotel Group

Chief Executive

Baring Private Equity Asia

Chief Executive Officer

ICONIQ Capital

Executive Chairman

Banyan Tree Holdings


Hang Lung Properties Ltd


Wanda Group

Managing Director, Godrej Industries Ltd.

Chairman, Godrej Agrovet Ltd.

Family shareholder and Non-Executive Director, Damen Shipyards Group

Managing Director, Damen Yachting

Chairman and CEO

Melco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd

Chairman and President

Dikembe Mutombo Foundation

Chairman and CEO, Golden Eagle International Group

Chairman, Committee of 100

President Director and CEO

Nippon Indosari Corpindo

Founder and Chairman

Minor International

Chairman and Chief Executive

The Bank of East Asia, Ltd

CEO and Chief Designer

Kathy Ireland Worldwide

Managing Director, Shun Tak Holdings Ltd

Co-Chairperson and Executive Director, MGM China Holdings Ltd.

Executive Director

Salim Group

Managing Principal and Chairman

Gaw Capital Partners

CEO & Chief of Product




Managing Partner

Sculley Family Office


Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc./Starmalls, Inc.

Executive Chairman

Tee Yih Jia Group and GSH Corporation Ltd

Chief Executive Officer

DT Group of Companies and Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Ltd.

Founding Partner

INCE Capital

CIO and Founding Partner, Dymon Asia Capital

Chairman, The Majurity Trust

Managing Director

YTL Group of Companies


Lan Kwai Fong Group

President and CEO

Vietjet Air

Chief Executive Officer

RB Capital Group




Berjaya Corporation Group of Companies

Chairman and CEO

Far Eastern Group

Executive Chairman



B. Grimm

Group CEO

Li & Fung

Social Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Founder, Same Sky

President and COO

San Miguel Corporation

Managing Director, Aquilus Pte Ltd

Founding Partner, Alatus Capital SA

Chief Executive Officer

Liverpool FC

President, China Development Institute

Director, National Economic Research Institute

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Zai Lab Ltd

Executive Chairman

VIP Industries Ltd


Sunway Group

Chairman and Managing Director

Competitive Foods Australia Pty Ltd

Chairman, Cirque du Soleil

Chairman, Invest in Canada

Executive Chairman

The Straits Trading Company Ltd


CG Corp Global

Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners

President, GLOBIS University


Berger Paints India Group

Chief Executive Officer

OSIM International Ltd

Chief Executive Officer

AMATA Corporation PCL


Dabur International

President Director

Blue Bird Group Holding

Senior Adviser

BlackRock Investment Institute

Chief Executive Officer


Executive Chairman

Yoma Group of Companies

Vice Chairman


Cofounder and CEO


Chairman and Co-CIO

Value Partners Group

Chief Executive Officer

Sintesa Group

Managing Partner and Cofounder

Asia Partners


GEOX Group

Chief Executive Officer

Danube and BinDawood

Founder, Chairman and MD

Symphony Ltd

Dean, John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Harvard University

CEO and Joint Managing Director

Welspun India Ltd

Managing Partner

TPG Asia

Group Chief Executive Officer

Catcha Group

CEO and Partner

Gateway Partners

Chief Executive Officer

Dawn Foods

CEO and Cofounder

Perfect Day

Chief Executive Officer

McLaren Automotive


Baidu Inc.

Group CEO

Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd.

Global Vice Chair, Public Policy


Executive Managing Director and CIO

Government Pension Investment Fund

Vice Chairman


President and CEO

HAAN Corporation

Dean and George Pratt Shultz Professor of Accounting

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Founder, nuTonomy

President, Aptiv Autonomous Mobility





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Delegate attendance at the Forbes Global CEO Conference is by invitation only, limited to qualified titles (usually Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO and President from headquarters) and is at the discretion of Forbes.

The conference participation fee of US$10,000 net of taxes, if any, includes the costs of all conference sessions, social events organized as part of the conference agenda and conference documentation. Fee does not include travel and accommodation costs.

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