Chief Executive Officer
Hong Kong

Brendan Blumer is the Founder and CEO of, the publisher of EOS.

Brendan became an early investor in blockchain and began transition to full time involvement in the space in 2016 when he met business partner Daniel Larimer. Larimer is the inventor of DPOS which is the underlying technology behind the most used and highest performance blockchains; in 2014 Larimer introduced the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Collectives, or “DAC’s, which empowers open source communities to disrupt existing centralized business models.

Prior to getting involved in the blockchain space, Blumer founded, a collaborative data sharing ecosystem for the Asia Pacific property market. has grown to be Hong Kong’s largest digital property agency and is used by nearly all brokers in the country to find accurate property listings.

Brendan Blumer has been building disruptive technology companies since 2001, when he was 14; this started with Gamecliff, which automated the valuation, purchasing, and reselling of in-game items in the world largest online video games such as Everquest and World of Warcraft. In 2005, Gamecliff was acquired by a market leader and Brendan relocated to Hong Kong to help grow the business.’s first project EOS is an Operating System on which scalable DAC’s can be easily built, launched, and governed; this technology was made possible by the invention of asynchronous smart contract communication and will enable the development of the next era of disruptive organizations.

EOS is the most successful token sale in history already having already sold more than 250m USD of EOS tokens in the first 30 day of the 11 month sale.